WiMAX Forum Certified
Ahmed Ebraheem, Managing Director, MADA
"After a thorough evaluation of several wireless broadband solutions providers, we came to the conclusion that Aperto Networks had the most advanced and the most stable platform. We were especially pleased with the Quality of Service and the routing and advanced networking features built into Aperto's platform. Its flexible architecture ensures a future proof evolution as we implement new subscriber services in the coming months and years."


Fixed WiMAX

Aperto has a rich legacy of fixed WiMAX technology borne out in its vast deployment of over 400 operators in 90 countries. Aperto, the only privately-held company on the board of the WiMAX Forum, has been instrumental in the formulation of the IEEE 802.16-2004 standard that is commonly called "fixed WiMAX".

Fixed WiMAX from Aperto provides the business grade quality of service that makes PacketMAX wireless broadband a true DSL replacement technology. Aperto uses a number of technologies to make the wireless link more robust to multipath and interference, including:

Working together seamlessly, these technologies enable the system to keep operating smoothly, even with packet error rates as high as 5-10%. This enables the system to operate in OLOS/NLOS environments, as well as in crowded license exempt frequency bands where Interference is an un-avoidable fact of life.

Aperto offers rich set of networking protocol support on the PacketMAX platform, including:

These features enable the PacketMAX system to easily adapt itself to the needs of almost any network configuration that the operator may desire, all the way from a simple flat bridged network, to a sophisticated routed network with multiple subnets per wireless port.

  • Capacity and coverage are two of the most fundamental values in any broadband wireless product, and Aperto excels at both of them. Aperto's Spectral Efficiency (or how many bits it can pack in the available bandwidth) is one of the best in the industry. Aperto Cell Radius Coverage also exceeds that of most of the competitors.

The Aperto PacketMAX system includes the WaveCenter™ suite of management and configuration tools. This tool package provides management agents to allow remote and/or centralized monitoring and management of elements as well as billing and event collection. These agents allow device/network management using either a browser, SNMP or command line interface. WaveCenter supports standard MIB-2 as well as hundreds of proprietary MIBs.

In addition a Web-based Graphical User Interface tool is provided to facilitate the configuration and management of each subscriber station.

These tools provide all functionalities to the service provider to configure, manage, control and monitor each of PacketMAX systems.

WaveCenter also offers SNMP access to all fault, performance, accounting and security parameters and statistics. Third party SNMP applications can therefore be developed or adapted to interface with a network of PacketMAX systems. Customization of the PacketMAX system is required to offer configuration access through the SNMP interface.