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Wassim El Khoury, Network Expansion Manager, Pesco
"We have been an Aperto customer for some time and know that PacketMAX is the ideal solution for our offerings... Like many service providers, we are concerned with the cost of deploying and managing WiMAX... with Aperto's WaveCenter EMS product, PacketMAX lets us serve a huge number of customers with exceptional QoS and reliability."


PacketMAX Family

PacketMAX delivers the critical elements required to extend services to a wide range of subscribers—ranging from large enterprises and public-sector organizations to multi-tenant buildings and residences to users on the move, connected to the Internet from their PDAs and laptops—using a single, standards-based platform.


  • Macro network rollout
  • Superior quality of service
  • Reliability, Availability, Serviceability


  • Accelerated RoI on WiMAX infrastructure
  • License-Exempt and Lightly-Licensed WiMAX
  • Affordable infrastructure with room for growth

Versatile WiMAX

  • Fixed WiMAX (16d)
  • Pico, micro and macro base stations
  • Indoor, outdoor gateways and subscriber units

PacketMAX Base Stations - Details

PacketMAX Subscriber Units - Details

PacketMAX Frequencies and Products - Details