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This deployment is an important proof point for Aperto's technology and our services team. The flexibility of PacketMAX in providing multi-sector support and management was crucial. Results have been amazing.


Voice and IMS over WiMAX

Can voice be the "killer app" for WiMAX?

There is good reason to believe that many users will utilize fixed wireless voice as their lifeline to the outside world. PacketMAX is the leader for voice over IP service delivery over WiMAX.

Effective voice over IP (VoIP) communications require infrastructure that can quickly identify voice traffic and prioritize it to assure high-quality audio and service level adherence. PacketMAX offers key features making voice over WiMAX the "killer app" for many WiMAX networks today.

Service Overbooking. Every voice call has periods of silence when the bandwidth is not needed. PacketMAX assigns the voice channel to the user who needs it. Service overbooking allows providers to associate many voice calls with a single service flow, resulting in efficient use of the spectrum and more revenue.

Tiered Billing. Granular packet inspection can be used to identify VoIP packets from a specific user or network. Operators can define service flows on a per subscriber basis - even within the same sector or on the same network - allowing differentiated priority handling for each subscriber or group of subscribers voice traffic. For example, the enterprise is willing to pay more for priority handling of its voice traffic versus the consumer.

Toll-Quality Voice. PacketMAX telephony supports SIPv2 VoIP protocols and multiple encoding and compression techniques for premium voice service. All VoIP units have built-in features like error-correction, jitter-control, echo-cancellation and silence-detection. Independent service-flows to transport delay-sensitive voice traffic mean that users can enjoy rich, toll-quality conversations even in presence of heavy data traffic.

Multimedia Convergence. PacketMAX allows simultaneous support for voice, data and video applications such as IPTV, CCTV, voice calls, videoconferences and so on. PacketMAX can be used to easily launch a slew of future-ready consumer and business grade multimedia services from a common, integrated platform.

Simplified Configuration. Telephony setup and configuration is easy to accomplish. The administrator just selects the encoding standard and number of calls to be processed. Tight integration of VoIP in PacketMAX subscriber units simplifies the conversion of existing data users into premium voice subscribers.

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