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This deployment is an important proof point for Aperto's technology and our services team. The flexibility of PacketMAX in providing multi-sector support and management was crucial. Results have been amazing.


Wireless Broadband and Enterprise VPN Solutions

Wireless broadband providers have often been constrained by low-level networking and interoperability issues - limiting their service offerings to raw bandwidth and basic Internet access. These providers are realizing that while 802.16 WiMAX standard helps ensure compatibility, it does not by itself result in an optimized solution that satisfies the whole range of operational and subscriber requirements for broadband wireless and mobile WiMAX. PacketMAX lets providers differentiate themselves from their competition by delivering the broadest array of services architected around a fully optimized WiMAX solution.

Aperto PacketMAX is specifically designed to enable service offerings that drive revenue. These services include:

License-Exempt WiMAX

Aperto offers economical solutions for license-exempt WiMAX deployments. Service providers and network operators achieve rapid return of investment (RoI) from the use of affordable PacketMAX systems operating in the 5 GHz bands. License-Exempt WiMAX.

3.65 GHz WiMAX

The 3.65 GHz band opens up new service possibilities for independent ISPs and other competitive service providers. Superior non-line of site (NLOS) propagation versus higher frequencies, and the ability to operate higher power compared to unlicensed bands, makes 3.65 GHz attractive for targeting multiple customer segments. 3.65 GHz WiMAX.

Voice and IMS over WiMAX

Can voice be the "killer app" for WiMAX? There is good reason to believe that many will utilize fixed wireless voice as their lifeline to the outside world and maximizing the true potential of the 802.16d standard. PacketMAX field-proven quality of service (QoS) features enables premium service offerings. Voice and IMS over WiMAX.

Enterprise VPN and Business Applications

PacketMAX offers true wireline equivalent of virtual private networking and business data services over WiMAX utilizing both 802.16d and 802.16e standards. Businesses requiring service guarantees can rely on PacketMAX for minimal packet loss and maximum service availability. Enterprise VPN Applications.