WiMAX Forum Certified
Leszek Pruszynski Deputy Director of Multimedia Ac
Biatel SA
This deployment is an important proof point for Aperto's technology and our services team. The flexibility of PacketMAX in providing multi-sector support and management was crucial. Results have been amazing.


Multifield Packet Classification and Filtering

The purpose of Packet Classifiers is to direct incoming traffic to the appropriate Virtual SU based on the classification rules defined by the users. The purpose of Packet Filters is to block or pass packet streams that satisfy the classification rules. Each classification rule may be based on layer 2, layer 3, or layer 4 elements or any combination thereof, depending on the requirements of the network traffic. The rule items can be defined from the list of the following elements:

  • Source MAC address
  • Destination MAC address
  • IP TOS (Type Of Service)
  • IEEE 802.1q VLAN Tag
  • IEEE 802.1p User Priority
  • IP Protocol (e.g. TCP, UDP, or ICMP)
  • Ethernet type / 802.2 SAP
  • Source IP address (and subnet mask)
  • Destination IP address (and subnet mask)
  • Protocol source port number (a range may be specified)
  • Protocol destination port number (a range may be specified)

Multiple items from the above list may be selected by a single classification rule; in that case an incoming packet will meet the rule only if a logical AND condition among the selected elements is satisfied.