Ahmed Ebraheem, Managing Director, MADA
"After a thorough evaluation of several wireless broadband solutions providers, we came to the conclusion that Aperto Networks had the most advanced and the most stable platform. We were especially pleased with the Quality of Service and the routing and advanced networking features built into Aperto's platform. Its flexible architecture ensures a future proof evolution as we implement new subscriber services in the coming months and years."


Mobile WiMAX

Mobile WiMAX networking consists of subscriber units, base stations, access service switches (called ASN gateways) and core service elements working together over a well-defined architecture by the WiMAX Forum. PacketMAX Solutions Architecture promotes an open standard approach to networking. Solutions comply with WiMAX Forum NWG standards for 802.16e-2005 networking and relevant interfaces. All solution components are standards compliant and relevant components are WiMAX Forum Certified.

Mobile WiMAX Solution Brief

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What is PacketMAX Solutions Architecture?

  • Open standards solution philosophy
  • Built on extensible, all-IP based components
  • Uses best-of-breed elements for BSU, ASN, CSN and SU
  • Leverages ApertoWiSE testing and solution integration
  • Ensures service-ready, PacketMAX optimized networks

PacketMAX Solutions Architecture is about choices

No longer held hostage by a single equipment vendor, operators can now choose best-of breed elements for each network function, all pre-tested and pre-integrated into a single solution.

  • Base station form factors
  • Subscriber devices
  • ASN Gateway platforms
  • CSN elements


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