WiMAX Forum Certified
Wassim El Khoury, Network Expansion Manager, Pesco
"We have been an Aperto customer for some time and know that PacketMAX is the ideal solution for our offerings... Like many service providers, we are concerned with the cost of deploying and managing WiMAX... with Aperto's WaveCenter EMS product, PacketMAX lets us serve a huge number of customers with exceptional QoS and reliability."


Aperto's Spectral Efficiency


Raw Bit Rate
Channel Size
Spectral Efficiency
All Bands

Aperto PacketWave®

20 mbps

6 MHz

3.3 bps/Hz

5.8 GHz

Proxim Tsunami Multipoint®

20/40/60 mbps

20 MHz

1/2/3 bps/Hz


10 mbps

20 MHz

0.5 bps/Hz

3.5 GHz

Alvarion BreezeACCESS® OFDM

12 mbps

7 MHz

1.71 bps/Hz

Alvarion BreezeACCESS® II

3 mbps

6/7 Channels of 2 MHz each

0.25 bps/Hz

2.5 GHz

IP Wireless

9 mbps

10 MHz

0.9 bps/Hz

Nextnet Expedience®

3.2 mbps

6 MHz

0.53 bps/Hz


Spectrum is the most precious resource that a wireless operator has, and being able to pack more bits into a smaller chunk of spectrum, leads to the following benefits:

  • More spectrum left over for future capacity expansion.
  • In license exempt bands, more flexibility in finding clean spectrum.
  • Lower co-channel interference in a multi-cell deployment, due to greater separation between cells using the same channels.