Industry Perspective

"The cost of deploying WiMAX is a big issue facing the industry. Technology and interoperability aside, service providers are in the business of making money. They need solutions that are cost-effective and scalable."
Daryl Schoolar
Senior Analyst with In-Stat

"This deployment is an important proof point for Aperto's technology and our services team. The flexibility of PacketMAX in providing multi-sector support and management was crucial. Results have been amazing."
Leszek Pruszynski
Deputy Director of Multimedia Access Development at Biatel SA

"We selected Aperto as one of the best-in-class systems for our planned expansion into the ISP space, after very thorough evaluation of all leading technical alternatives. Aperto's... systems are the best-suited to meet our strict standards for Quality of Service, spectral efficiency and controlled scalability. And equally importantly, this infrastructure will support all of the needed functionality for our business subscriber prospects, including full throughput, low latency, integrated routing and multiservice delivery."
Patricio Zorrilla
General Manager, UltravisiĆ³n, Mexico

"Many government and municipalities, in addition to service providers, are discovering how they can affordably deploy high speed wireless data and voice networks if they use the right wireless technology. WiMAX Forum Certified products like PacketMAX help these organizations to leapfrog past the limitations of wireline deployments to quickly improve the lives of their citizens."
Caroline Gabriel
Research Director at Rethink Research

"Until now, there has been little to address the equipment needs of operators using unlicensed spectrum within the WiMAX community. The challenge with existing proprietary systems has been that they don't always deliver the performance and QoS capabilities demanded by service providers. Bringing WiMAX technology to unlicensed operators will really change the market dynamics for those operators."
Daryl Schoolar
Senior Analyst with In-Stat

"By extending PacketMAX support to 3.65 GHz, Aperto has given another practical option for service providers who do not own licensed spectrum. Smaller ISPs are able to cost-effectively compete head-to-head with larger providers, by taking advantage of WiMAX in frequencies like the 3.65 GHz spectrum. These types of strategic offerings are vital to regional service providers who want to leverage the benefits of WiMAX."
Emmy Johnson
Founder and Principal Analyst at Sky Light Research

"The selection of Aperto's PacketMAX solution to connect Egyptian police stations and offices nationwide allows the Ministry of Interior to deploy Egypt's first carrier-grade WiMAX network. It positions Aperto to support other advanced applications such as video surveillance and VoIP communications between police stations in Egypt."
Berge Ayvazian
Chief Strategy Officer for Yankee Group

"We plan on using Aperto's WiMAX solutions for many applications in the future -- including our Tetra application, video surveillance, voice communications between police stations --and then expanding these applications into other geographical areas in Egypt. We also would like to be the first to adopt Aperto's 802.16e solutions as they become available in the near future."
General Mohammed Sadek
General Director of Police Communication with the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior

"We are very excited about Aperto's certification for 5 GHz. Customers in Ukraine have been waiting for this to happen for some time. The fact that the entire line of PacketMAX products has been certified means that Aperto can supply and deploy complete WiMAX solutions immediately."
Alexander Volinsky
General Manager, NTU Service

"Given the scope of this deployment, we conducted rigorous testing against many competing before choosing Aperto PacketMAX. We found PacketMAX to be the most reliable and feature-rich solution on the market. We also valued Aperto's extensive field experience in unlicensed bands. This experience will help us to quickly test and roll out our high-speed wireless network across the nation."
Sergio Mantovani
Sales Director of Wideway

"Speed of deployment was crucial to our success. We were upgrading an older wireless network to WiMAX and wanted to avoid having to reapply for spectrum. We had already done extensive testing on PacketMAX and were impressed its feature set and flexibility. Fortunately, Aperto came through and delivered everything within weeks. "
Andrew Kinnear
CEO of Icosnet

"After a thorough evaluation of several wireless broadband solutions providers, we came to the conclusion that Aperto Networks had the most advanced and the most stable platform. We were especially pleased with the Quality of Service and the routing and advanced networking features built into Aperto's platform. Its flexible architecture ensures a future proof evolution as we implement new subscriber services in the coming months and years."
Ahmed Ebraheem
Managing Director, MADA: Kuwait

"A nationwide WiMAX network powered by Aperto Networks will enable OTE to offer consumers and enterprises a wide range of value-added, high bandwidth data communications services, such as MPLS, VPN, leased line, and Internet access, as well as VoIP, telemedicine, e-education, e-governance, and e-commerce in remote areas."
Kostas Drossos
CEO of Heletel SA

"Aperto's state-of-the-art WiMAX equipment will enhance BSNL's network and will serve as a robust platform from which to introduce new telecom services to meet the increasing demand from their subscriber base."
Monica Paolini
President, Senza Fili Consulting

"We are constantly looking at new technologies and new ways that enable us to provide improved or enhanced services to our customers. Aperto's industry-leading WiMAX platform gives us the ability to cost effectively extend our network, expand our product offerings, and attract new customers."
Ian Renshaw
CEO, Wight Cable

"Aperto has proven its ability to deliver complete WiMAX solutions capable of providing the reliable performance we need to operate in such a high profile event as the South Asian Games. We are very pleased with the PacketMAX test results. Our decision to deploy Aperto WiMAX solutions for the South Asian Games has been well validated."
Tilak De Silva

"We believe WiMAX is the best technology for wireless access and we believe our technology partner, Aperto Networks, offers the world's most advanced and most robust WiMAX solutions on the market today."
Igor Diadiuk
CEO of Avalcom

"Aperto Networks' carrier-grade, multiple-sector WiMAX equipment is recognized around the world for embodying and delivering the WiMAX industry's most robust QoS and networking features. This was a primary reason for why we chose to trial Aperto's gear."
Gokhan Ayaydin
CEO of Turbonet

"Our decision to partner Aperto Networks will greatly enhance our ability to offer a wide array of affordable broadband wireless services in Sri Lanka in the years to come."
Shuhei Anan
CEO of Sri Lanka Telecom