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This deployment is an important proof point for Aperto's technology and our services team. The flexibility of PacketMAX in providing multi-sector support and management was crucial. Results have been amazing.

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Aperto Networks is the technology leader in the most challenging segment of the WiMAX equipment market: carrier-class infrastructure.

Aperto leverages its exceptional broadband wireless know-how to build the world's most versatile and cost-effective carrier-grade WiMAX base stations and subscriber units. Our technology enables service providers and IPS around the world to quickly and affordably deploy IP-rich, point-to-multipoint and point-to-point WiMAX networks with industry-leading quality of service (QoS) and unsurpassed subscriber density.

In 2002, Aperto Networks established its position as the international WiMAX leader with the introduction of the PacketWave® product family. PacketWave systems now serve tens of thousands of users in over 90 countries. These systems feature a multi services-intelligent design, highly scalable capacity and coverage, and dynamic per-subscriber link optimization. Unique technical innovations help attract subscribers and increase revenue for our service provider customers.

In addition to attaining the status of an acknowledged technological innovator, Aperto has led the WiMAX industry in developing the latest industry standards. Aperto was a founder of the WiMAX Forum, and a founder and lead contributor to IEEE 802.16 and  ETSI-BRAN standards.

Aperto’s superior technology, coupled with the company’s leadership role in setting standards, gave birth to the PacketMAX® family of products. All the advanced technologies and features that originally distinguished PacketWave are integrated into the WiMAX Forum Certified™ PacketMAX system. What’s more, Aperto has taken advantage of its extensive broadband wireless expertise and in-depth WiMAX involvement to integrate powerful new enhancements into the PacketMAX product line. PacketMAX quickly established its success by becoming the first WiMAX Forum Certified base station soon after its introduction in 2006.

Aperto’s WiMAX infrastructure enables service providers in markets of every kind to profitably deliver wireless voice, data, and video services. Whether they are serving developed markets or emerging economies, Aperto’s WiMAX products fundamentally change the economics of delivering voice and broadband services, allowing carriers to offer a wider variety of services to more customers using less equipment.

Aperto PacketMAX® Family

As a WiMAX Forum™ founding member and key contributor to the 802.16 standard, Aperto has taken the lead in the WiMAX era by launching the PacketMAX family of WiMAX-compliant carrier-grade broadband wireless access products.

Aperto PacketMAX products are designed to meet today’s fixed WiMAX service requirements and extend to support tomorrow’s portable and mobile services within the same platform. Forward thinking in its design, PacketMAX is the only WiMAX system conceived for both the 802.16d and 802.16e standards from the start. Growing capacity, quality, and scalability requirements of today’s service providers will also be met with the broad portfolio of PacketMAX products. Combining Aperto’s field-proven technologies and cutting-edge enhancements with the robust and feature-rich WiMAX technology, the PacketMAX system offers providers a high-capacity platform that maximizes revenue and profits by reliably delivering compelling data, voice, and video services. The family includes macro and micro base stations, indoor and outdoor subscriber equipment, and base station radios.

Aperto WaveCenter™ EMS

Aperto WaveCenter EMS is a carrier-class element management system (EMS) that manages PacketMAX and PacketWave wireless equipment. The software’s intuitive graphical user interface and powerful management tools increase productivity in network operations centers. With the ability to discover and inventory equipment in real time, WaveCenter EMS ensures fast deployment of Aperto equipment and provisioning of customers. Its highly scalable and reliable architecture lets providers deploy and efficiently manage very large networks of base stations and subscriber stations. Northbound interfaces provide integration into higher-level network management, billing, and operations support systems.

Corporate Ownership

Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, Aperto Networks was founded in 1999 and was acquired by Tranzeo Wireless Technologies in 2010, creating a complete end-to-end broadband solutions provider featuring WiFi, WiMax and LTE products.

About Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc

Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc. (TSX:TZT) leads the wireless broadband industry as a premier manufacturer of high-performance wireless network equipment that allows communities and businesses to communicate without boundaries. Tranzeo's optimum cost effectiveness, premium quality and responsive support have attracted a growing and devoted worldwide following of more than 2,465 dealers and 16 distributors. Tranzeo's full spectrum of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios, WiMAX equipment, and mesh network solutions are designed for wireless internet service providers, governments, campuses, military, carriers, enterprise customers, and systems integrators around the globe. Headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, Tranzeo also has offices in San Diego, California and Shannon, Ireland. Visit http://www.tranzeo.com or phone 1.866.872.6936 for more information.

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