Leszek Pruszynski Deputy Director of Multimedia Ac
Biatel SA
This deployment is an important proof point for Aperto's technology and our services team. The flexibility of PacketMAX in providing multi-sector support and management was crucial. Results have been amazing.


Enterprise VPNs and Business Applications

A WiMAX network powered by PacketMAX will enable operators to offer businesses a wide range of value-added, high bandwidth data communications services such as MPLS, and L2 and L3 VPNs. Support for 802.1q, VLAN tagging, stacking and smooth MPLS integration provide traffic separation and prioritization between companies and between departments within the same company.

Profitable Service Delivery Begins with Intelligent Traffic Classification

PacketMAX recognizes unique markers and associate the traffic with a specific network, a subscriber on the network or more discretely a specific application used by the subscriber. In networking terms, all fields in layers 2, 3, and 4 of packet headers are used to intelligently classify traffic.

End to End Quality of Service Drives Revenue

Classified traffic is associated with a relative priority for delivery compared to other traffic types. PacketMAX allows all WiMAX service classes for priority options-UGS, ertPS, rtPS, nrtPS and BE-and maps these to the customers' specific service plan. QoS is carried over from the wireless to the wired network.

Practical Solutions for Key Verticals

Oil and Gas
License-exempt spectrum has tremendous appeal for industrial-based enterprises with huge communication needs. Since copper and fiber lines are often infeasible, wireless provides the perfect alternative. OFDM-based WiMAX technology is inherently resilient to effects of multipath caused by reflection (such as from water, hills, cloud droplets), providing high-availability, rich multimedia services under hostile RF conditions.

Public Safety
Governments operate in both licensed and license-exempt bands for surveillance and security operations. PacketMAX's fully redundant carrier-grade platform provides the high-availability, high-speed, always-on connectivity they demand. CPE mounted on traffic lights and patrol vehicles send real-time video and voice transmissions back to central servers for detecting and recording suspicious activity.

Financial Services
Financial networks continue to demand greater security, manageability, and efficiencies while reducing transaction costs. At the same time, financial institutions are looking to gain competitive advantage and cost savings by migrating from traditional TDM-based services. Traffic management features like virtual private networking (VPN) and MPLS interworking give financial institutions assured delivery of confidential and sensitive information.

The key consideration of the transportation sector is coverage-is the communication service available where it is needed? WiMAX fills exactly this need by creating "hotzones" from an entire rail station, rail way or port versus the hotspot usable from the coffee shop.

Other Vertical Markets
PacketMAX enables solutions custom-built to address markets such as defense, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and many more.

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