Fixed to Mobile WiMAX Migration

PacketMAX 5000 is the first base station certified by the WiMAX Forum. Now PacketMAX 5000 accommodates 802.16e. Operators can simultaneously host fixed or mobile subscribers from the same base station-or can operate PacketMAX 5000 as a stand alone fixed or mobile base station.

Flexible Deployment Options...

  • Macro base station for 16d and 16e
  • Fixed and Mobile WiMAX within a single base station
  • Migrate from Fixed WiMAX to Mobile WiMAX
  • Common management for 16d and16e networking
  • Individually deploy1-12 sectors

...Drive Powerful Business Advantages

  • Leverage initial Fixed WiMAX investment
  • Maintain or increase service offering to include nomadic portable
  • Enhance revenue from enhanced services
  • Simplify network operations and cost with common management
  • Fixed and Mobile WiMAX within a single base station

Advanced Technology for Fixed and Mobile WiMAX Solution Brief

PacketMAX 5000 Product Brief