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Wassim El Khoury, Network Expansion Manager, Pesco
"We have been an Aperto customer for some time and know that PacketMAX is the ideal solution for our offerings... Like many service providers, we are concerned with the cost of deploying and managing WiMAX... with Aperto's WaveCenter EMS product, PacketMAX lets us serve a huge number of customers with exceptional QoS and reliability."


Light-Licensed 3.65 GHz FCC Band

Independent ISPs are looking to broadband wireless access as an effective means to compete with major telcos and mobile license holders capturing their fair share of the dynamic broadband access market. However, they are often overwhelmed by cost of acquiring clear spectrum. The FCC has removed the cost barrier by allowing operators to pay a small registration fee for nationwide operation in the 50 MHz existing from 3650 MHz to 3700 MHz. The FCC has allowed registration of this spectrum on a non-exclusive basis to allow the largest number of operators from providing competing services in this band, working to achieve the vision of deeper broadband penetration and bridging the digital divide.

Business Services Delivered using 3.65 GHz Band

Aperto's 3.65 GHz WiMAX solution employs a number of sophisticated techniques to manage the contention for spectrum. At the same time, it uses narrow channel widths and uplink sub-channels, so that the radio energy is focused to reach even the farthest subscriber without "leaking" into adjoining cells. This spectrum provides large amount of bandwidth, where rich voice and multimedia applications can be offered, at a fraction of capital costs otherwise required.

Low latency and ample bandwidth are needed to run voice applications. PacketMAX license-exempt systems contain number of features that facilitate VoIP services over WiMAX, such as Constant Bit Rate (CBR) quality of service and Time Division Duplexing (TDD) that provides higher spectral efficiency under increasing data asymmetry conditions, such as Internet applications and Voice over IP.

Aperto uses a number of technologies to make the wireless link more robust to multipath and interference, including:

Working together seamlessly, these technologies enable the system to keep operating smoothly, even with packet error rates as high as 5-10%. This enables the system to operate in OLOS/NLOS environments, as well as in lightly-regulated 3.65 GHz frequency bands where Interference is an un-avoidable fact of life.