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MILPITAS, CA (September 25, 2007) – Aperto® Networks, builder of the world’s most advanced base stations and subscriber units for fixed, portable, and mobile WiMAX applications, today announced the availability of PacketMAX solutions that operate in the 5.8 GHz license-exempt band. The products are scheduled for commercial availability in December 2007 and will include the PacketMAX 5000 and PacketMAX 3000 base stations, as well as the PacketMAX 300 and PacketMAX 100 subscriber units. All products will be compliant with the IEEE802.16-2004 standard.   "The availability of license-exempt WiMAX products is an important milestone in our product strategy," said Manish Gupta, vice president of marketing and alliances for Aperto Networks and WiMAX Forum Board Member. "The market has been demanding 5 GHz products for some time now, and Aperto will offer the only carrier-class license-exempt products available. We see tremendous applications for service providers, wisps, and enterprise customers worldwide, especially in areas where spectrum availability has long been an issue."   In addition to operating in the 5 GHz bands, Aperto’s PacketMAX solution is also distinguished by the following:

  • Highest density base station on the market, capable of supporting up to 6,000 users across12 sectors
  • Multi-frequency/multi-band support that allows customers who deploy PacketMAX 5000 base station to operate simultaneously in both licensed and license-exempt frequencies
  • DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) radar detection capability that conforms to both FCC and ETSI EN 301-893 V1.3.1 requirements
  • Unsurpassed reliability and QoS that enables differentiated levels of service
  • Common synchronization scheme that allows easy co-location of multiple PacketMAX base stations together in the same cell to support fast network build-out
  • Excellent NLOS performance to enlarge network footprints
  • Time Division Duplex access scheme allowing the most effective use of the air interface for voice and data applications
  • Choice between integrated and separate outdoor CPE antennas to provide deployment flexibility
  • Interference mitigation technologies that include:

- ARQ support for robust transmission and small, fully adjustable channel assignments to support deployment in highly congested areas
-An integrated spectrum analyzer that will allow customers to scan available frequencies and select the channel with the least interference
-Both wide and small channel sizes that enable service providers to make the most of the available spectrum

  • Strong WiMAX standards-based encryption schemes like 3-DES to support secure authentication and data transmission
  • Robust and secure management interfaces including support by WaveCenter EMS Pro®, Aperto’s carrier grade element management and provisioning system

  "Until now there has been little to address the equipment needs of operators using unlicensed spectrum within the WiMAX community," added Daryl Schoolar, Senior Analyst with In-Stat, "The challenge with existing proprietary systems has been that they don’t always deliver the performance and QoS capabilities demanded by service providers. Bringing WiMAX technology to unlicensed operators will really change the market dynamics for those operators."  

About Aperto Networks

Aperto Networks helps service providers worldwide profitably deliver affordable wireless voice and broadband services by building the world’s most advanced fixed, portable, and mobile WiMAX Forum Certified base stations and subscriber units. Aperto fundamentally changes the economics of delivering voice and broadband services through IP-rich, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks, allowing carriers to offer a wider variety of services to more customers using less equipment. Its carrier-class WiMAX technology offers industry-leading subscriber density, quality of service, ease of use, and reliability. Aperto is a founding board member of the WiMAX Forum, as well as a founder and lead contributor to IEEE 802.16 and the ETSI-BRAN standards. Serving more than 250 customers in 70 countries, Aperto Networks is based in Milpitas, California. For more information, visit us at
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