Aperto Networks Announces Wireless Broadband TDM Solution

Broadband backhaul solution delivers lower costs, higher reliability for wireless service providers  

Milpitas, Calif., (January 11, 2006) – Aperto Networks, provider of the world’s most advanced WiMAX solutions for carriers, announced today the availability and successful deployment of its Time Domain Multiplexed (TDM) solutions for broadband wireless networks. Used as a wireless backhaul for cellular networks and enterprise access at distances up to 15 miles, Aperto’s TDM solutions deliver flexible, low cost alternatives to expensive fiber and leased circuits.  

“Aperto’s TDM solution gives cellular carriers the reliable, cost-effective data backhaul they need to deliver voice and data to their network gateways,” said Manish Gupta, vice president of marketing and alliances for Aperto Networks. “Wireless backhaul networks scale easily as the subscriber base grows, and provide backup and redundancy for increased reliability. Aperto’s long-range wireless broadband solutions transmit high amounts of data at a fraction of the cost of traditional wired solutions.”  

The worldwide market for TDM-based services such as GSM wireless phone service continues to grow at a fast rate. Aperto’s TDM solution has been validated for point-to-point deployments backhauling cellular traffic, allowing Aperto customers to take advantage of the lower cost and service ubiquity of IP networks for voice and traditional TDM based applications.  

“Aperto Networks is strongly committed to developing complete, profit-generating solutions for our customers,” said Gupta. “Our industry-leading TDM solution will enable customers of our pre-WiMAX and WiMAX-certified products to lower their costs and realize increased revenues in their voice and data offerings.”  

The key technical challenge in providing traditional TDM service over broadband wireless links is the transport of a synchronous service, such as a T1/E1 circuit, over the asynchronous IP network. Data from a TDM bit stream has to be encapsulated at the source, transported over a wireless link, and received by a destination device – while maintaining clock, synchronization, and framing. As a consequence, the performance of the wireless portion of the network is essential in successfully delivering TDM services, such as voice or mission critical data. Aperto Networks’ proven TDM solution assures this performance.  

By emulating the characteristics of T1/E1 wireline or fiber connection, Aperto can deliver T1/E1 equivalent service wirelessly, eliminate the need to lease lines or construct dedicated lines to connect to TDM cellular towers.  

About Aperto Networks

Aperto Networks develops the world’s most advanced WiMAX equipment for service providers.  

Aperto’s base stations and subscriber units enable carriers to offer profitable broadband services in any market through IP-rich, point-to-multipoint and point-to-point networks that are easy to deploy and grow. Aperto’s carrier-class WiMAX solutions offer industry-leading subscriber density, QoS, manageability and reliability.  

Aperto is a founding board member of the WiMAX Forum as well as chair of the service provider working group. It is also a co-founder and lead contributor to IEEE 802.16-2004 and the ETSI-BRAN standards and is playing a key role is the evolution of the IEEE 802.16-2005 standard. Serving more than 200 service provider customers in 65 countries with hundreds of thousands of deployed units, Aperto Networks is based in Milpitas, California. For more information on Aperto Networks, go to www.apertonet.com.