Aperto Networks’ WiMAX QoS Features Deliver Lucrative Voice Services For Operators

New Software Strengthens Platform’s VOIP Capabilities  

Milpitas, Calif., (November 15, 2005) – Aperto Networks, a leading WiMAX systems provider serving over 200 operators in 65 countries, said today that a growing number of its customers are using Aperto’s products to deliver business-quality Voice-over-IP (VOIP) services, often at service prices that are significantly more competitive than those of existing service providers.  

TransAria is using Aperto Networks’ solutions to offer business-grade Voice-over-IP services throughout the state of Montana. The service allows enterprises of any size to significantly reduce their telecommunications expenses by shifting from leased T1 circuits to transporting voice over packet networks.  

“TransAria’s service level guarantees and MPLS-enabled network have become known in the business community of Montana as being synonymous with high reliability and low latency” said Roger Lang, CEO of TransAria. “The exclusive quality-of-service features inherent in our deployed Aperto-powered network, have, and will continue to be, a key driver of our success.”  

Aperto has come up with an efficient solution for operators concerning the vexing issue of offering voice and data. While voice traffic is characterized by low bandwidth and a low tolerance for error and latency, data traffic is quite the opposite – high-bandwidth and more tolerant of bit errors and latency. Aperto’s patented technology can treat voice and data traffic uniquely, allocating appropriate levels of bandwidth to account for low latency requirements for voice services. Furthermore, the upcoming Software Release V5.4, due out later this week, will enhance the QoS system to support over-subscription of VOIP services, enabling operators to further optimize their wireless bandwidth and fine-tune their business models.  

“Delivering solutions to high-end enterprise users, Aperto Networks is known to have an advanced VoIP delivery platform,” said Adlane Fellah, Senior Analyst with Maravedis Research.  

In Europe, Aperto customer, Iberbanda, Spain’s largest broadband wireless carrier, is in the process of deploying Aperto’s PacketMAX™ solution and is anticipating a robust voice services offering.  

“We know and value Aperto’s best-in-class QoS capabilities, which meet and exceed the standard and which are so critical to our business class service delivery and VoIP features,” stated Carlos Morell, General Manager of Iberbanda.  

“Aperto is pleased to see that our leading customers are providing complete WiMAX data and voice services with our QoS-based, carrier-class solutions, and we look forward to their full support as they further grow their networks,” said Reza Ahy, chairman and CEO of Aperto Networks.  

About Aperto Networks

Aperto Networks, based in Milpitas, California, is a leader in WiMAX systems selling to global markets. Aperto is a founding board member of the WiMAX Forum as well as a founder and lead contributor to IEEE 802.16a/d and the ETSI-BRAN standards. Its PacketMAX™ and PacketWave® systems consist of a family of base stations, subscriber units, radios and antennas in 2.5, 3.5 and 5 GHz frequencies for point-to-multipoint and point-to-point deployment. The scalability and patented technologies in these systems support new wireless builds and complement wireline broadband access networks. Aperto is already deployed in over 65 countries, meeting service provider needs for installation ease, IP-rich network functionality, cost effectiveness, rapid provisioning and interference resilience. For more information on Aperto Networks, go to www.apertonet.com.