Transtema Deploys Aperto Networks for 3.5 GHz Municipal Broadband Wireless Access In Kungsbacka, Sweden  

Milpitas, Calif. and Gothenburg, Sweden, (June 21, 2004) – Kungsbacka, one of the rapidly growing coastal municipalities in Sweden, has deployed Aperto Networks' 3.5 GHz systems for broadband wireless access (BWA) serving both rural and urban areas of the municipality. Five Aperto PacketWave® base stations will provide complete BWA to the region.  

The new Aperto-powered network complements the extensive fiber and radio infrastructure already in operation. "Aperto clearly stood out in the crowd as a feature-rich, robust and high performance system that fit our current and future needs serving the municipality, households and business users", says Ulf Lindälv, IT Director in Kungsbacka. "Our approach is to deploy an equal access network covering the entire municipality, allowing several competing providers to offer services to users in both urban and rural parts of the municipality. Aperto's unique technology allows us to meet our requirements in a cost-effective way".  

Transtema, one of Sweden's preeminent systems integrators, has designed and deployed the network. It is using the municipality's newly-granted 3.5 GHz license and Aperto Networks' 802.16 class BWA systems. "We've worked with Kungsbacka since 1999, when we originally deployed the country's first LMDS system to provide high-speed connectivity for schools and other municipality needs," says Magnus Johansson, CEO Transtema. "We are proud to continue our co-operation with Kungsbacka and to deliver and operate the next generation BWA network.  

"In particular," he continued, "the municipality will benefit from Aperto's VLAN double-tagging function, which allows us to configure multiple groups of users securely on the same network. We have numerous public and private consortia on the network, and in effect, we can segregate and securely tunnel their traffic with this feature. Together with the PacketWave Quality of Service (QoS) functions, we can achieve very high performance for many users and traffic types, at much lower cost than ever before."  

Kungsbacka and Transtema are now preparing for the Aperto-powered network to be interconnected to a larger national network operated by the largest television and radio broadcaster and 3.5 GHz license holder in Sweden. The Aperto systems, already 802.16-class and carrier-grade, are well-suited to interoperability and have already proven their compatibility in hybrid, multi-vendor carrier networks in five continents, as well as their reliability in Aperto-centric networks in over 50 countries.  

About Aperto Networks

Aperto Networks is a leader in 802.16-class multiservice broadband wireless access systems for global markets. The company was founded to provide breakthrough solutions to the bottleneck in last-mile broadband access, and is a founding board member of the WiMAX Forum as well as a founder and lead contributor to IEEE 802.16 and the ETSI-BRAN standards. Its PacketWave® system is a family of base stations, subscriber units, radios and antennas in 2.5, 3.5 and 5 GHz frequencies for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint deployment. PacketWave's scalability and patented technologies support new wireless builds and complement wireline broadband access networks. Aperto is already deployed in 50 countries, meeting service provider needs for installation ease, IP-rich network functionality, cost effectiveness, rapid provisioning and interference resilience. For more information on Aperto Networks, go to  

About the Kungsbacka Community

Located in the picturesque and thriving coastal Halland district of southwestern Sweden, the community of Kungsbacka is known as both a tourist destination and as part of the region's growing commercial and industrial sector. The area population, including Sweden's second-largest city of Gothenburg, is nearly 1 million inhabitants. For more information, see or  

About Transtema

Transtema is the leading systems integrator in the fast growing broadband wireless sector. Transtema specializes in Broadband Wireless solutions and offers services and products from network and business planning to extensive network operations. Transtema resides in Gothenburg, with customers in northern Europe. For more information about the company and its products & services, please visit