Aperto Networks and Intel Sign Agreement to Develop WiMAX-Certified™ Broadband Wireless Access Systems

  Boston, Mass. NGN Conference, (November 4, 2003) – Aperto Networks, a leading provider of multiservice broadband wireless access (BWA) systems, announced today at the Next Generation Networks annual conference that it has signed an agreement with Intel Corporation to develop equipment built with Intel’s IEEE 802.16* compliant silicon scheduled for introduction in the second half of 2004. Aperto is working closely with Intel to provide design input, evaluate and test broadband wireless systems with the goal of producing WiMAX-Certified systems. Aperto’s participation will further accelerate delivery of IEEE 802.16-compliant silicon and systems for the worldwide broadband access market.  

"Our leadership in carrier-class broadband wireless systems makes Aperto well-positioned to ensure that 802.16-compliant technologies drive value for carriers and the lucrative base of business and SOHO subscribers they serve," stated Aperto Networks CEO and founder Dr. Reza Ahy.  

"Aperto was a prime mover in achieving powerful and flexible MAC specifications in the IEEE 802.16 standard," he continued, "while at the same time we pioneered critical QoS functionality for voice and data over broadband wireless networks. We will work closely with Intel to ensure that the industry quickly reaps the economic benefits of volume production, while continuing to advance the functionality that business and SOHO subscribers consider essential for broadband access networks."  

"It is essential for us to work closely with equipment makers like Aperto Networks, to ensure that Intel’s 802.16-compliant silicon solutions fully meet the price/performance requirements of the demanding business access market," said Scott Richardson, general manager of the Intel Broadband Wireless Division. "Aperto Network’s commitment to deliver standards-based products for WiMAX certification is another proof point of the growing industry momentum for broadband wireless access."  

The IEEE 802.16a standard was approved in January 2003 for the 2 GHz to 11 GHz frequencies. It covers wireless metropolitan area network technologies that provide an alternative or complement to cable, DSL and T-1/E-1 for last mile broadband access, and 802.11 hot spot interconnection to the Internet. The standard also supports simultaneous high-speed access to more than 60 businesses with T1 or greater connectivity, and hundreds of homes with DSL-type connectivity from a single wireless base station. As leading proponents of WiMAX, both Intel and Aperto Networks are active participants in the WiMAX Forum, which drives interoperability and certification of equipment that complies to the IEEE 802.16 and other interoperable (e.g., ETSI HiperMAN*) standards.  

2003 has been a watershed year for broadband wireless access, as signified by the significant attention accorded to the topic during each day of the week-long NGN Conference. On November 6 at 1:30pm, Dr. Reza Ahy will speak on the NGN conference panel, addressing the topic of "Carrier-Class Broadband Wireless MANs: Robust Availability, Reliable Service, Rapid Payback."  

About Aperto Networks

Aperto Networks is a leading provider of multiservice broadband wireless access systems for global markets. The company was founded to provide a breakthrough solution to one of today’s critical network bottlenecks - last-mile broadband access. The PacketWave® system provides a family of base stations, subscriber units, and associated radios and antennas in 2.5, 3.5 and 5 GHz frequency bands for global point-to-point and point-to-multipoint deployments. Its scalable systems and patent-pending technologies support new wireless builds and complement existing wireline broadband access technology. Aperto systems have been deployed by service providers in over 40 countries, meeting their needs for ease of installation, IP-rich network functionality and cost effectiveness, while enabling rapid provisioning and interference resilient operation in dense urban to suburban locations. The company is a founder and leading contributor to IEEE 802.16d as well as to ETSI-BRAN standards, and a board member of the WiMAX Forum. For more information on Aperto Networks, go to www.apertonet.com.  

About Intel

Intel, the world’s largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products. Additional information about Intel is available at http://www.intel.com/pressroom.  

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