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Which WiMAX Are You?

Friday, September 11th, 2009

There is a growing debate in the media and among the service provider community on the migration to so-called 4G broadband wireless networks, as well as the technical and air interface standards required to achieve next generation in connectivity. Much of this debate revolves around the 802.16e version of WiMAX and LTE.

One of the key issues in the debate - primarily in the media and on trade show panels - is that because 802.16e was developed primarily as a mobile standard, it is automatically made synonymous with WiMAX when compared with LTE. This is a misnomer. There is more than one flavor of WiMAX that service providers, enterprises, and municipalities can use to achieve next generation networks. And whether or not 802.16e “wins” or “loses” in the market, the rest of the WiMAX family of standards has plenty of room to succeed.

For this purpose, we created a Forum called ‘Which WiMAX Are You?‘. It is designed to offer the media, analysts, service providers, large enterprises and municipalities a balanced view of where the various WiMAX standards fit in networks, and how, in many cases, different WiMAX standards can be used in the same network to achieve a reliable, cost-effective, ubiquitous broadband wireless experience in many markets and applications around the world.

We have coincided the launch of Which WiMAX Are You? to launch at 4G World Conference and Expo, to be held in Chicago, September 15-18, 2009. During the conference, we will be offering media briefings and sessions designed to present various 802.16d and 802.16e standalone and combined use cases, as well as provide economic modeling and ROI analysis to show the benefits of both - and where each fits best in the migration plans for tomorrow’s broadband wireless networks. On this blog, we’ll be offering daily posts discussing the various aspects of each version of the WiMAX standard, and where they belong in the migratory mix.

We look forward to a healthy debate - and hope you’ll join in to offer your perspective.

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