Quality of Service: ERT-VR

Service flows per subscriber unit enable the systems to prioritize traffic within Constant Bit Rate (CBR), Committed Information Rate (CIR), and Best Effort data flows, enabling better service differentiation and SLA compliance. The PacketMAX classifiers that specify and determine which IP packets relate to specific flows comply with and exceed the entire set of classifiers specified in the IEEE 802.16-2004 and IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard. The PacketMAX base station allocates all uplink and downlink airtime resources using a traffic scheduling procedure that takes into consideration available bandwidth pipe and the subscription parameters of individual subscribers. WiMAX Forum has specified five different categories for WiMAX-level flow handling, each having QoS parameters optimized for different applications, as summarized in table below. PacketMAX supports all QoS categories, including UGS and ertPS designed for VoIP, to ensure subscribers do not experience jitter, interference or delay from shared use of the broadband link.


Figure 3 Quality of Service parameters in 802.16e