Beamforming is a trade-name for Adaptive Antenna Systems (AAS) where an array of multiple closely-packed antennae form a single beam directed towards a particular device or user. By concentrating transmit power towards the active subscriber, AAS increases cell-edge link budget, manages interference and increases overall network capacity. AAS performs best in low-density, highly-scattered application scenario such as rural areas where it helps reduce number of cell-sites required, thus providing direct cost benefit to operators. AAS is a closed-loop MIMO technique that relies on channel feedback for beamforming power control.


Systems that combine MIMO and AAS in an adaptive manner increase the complexity and cost of components required. PacketMAX systems are designed to offer 2X2 MIMO and evolve to 4X4 MIMO and AAS as the technology continues to mature and costs come down to deliver compelling business case to operators.