Analyst Contacts

Mr. Peter Jarich
Current Analysis
Principal of Wireless Research
Phone: (703) 404-9200 Ext. 3792 , Fax Number: (703) 404-9300
Mobile: 202-210-2614
[email protected]

Emmy Johnson
Sky Light Research
Scottsdale, AZ
Tel +1.480.563.2251
[email protected]

Julien Grivolas
Analyst - Telecoms Network Technologies
Tel: +33-626-519-267
[email protected]

Aditya Kaul
Senior Analyst
Juniper Research
Tel: 44-1896-750-480
[email protected]

Svetlana Issaeva
Manager, Communications, Media and Technology
Pyramid Research
Tel: 44-207-430-1079
[email protected]

Mr. Adlane Fellah
Maravedis, Inc.
Founder & Senior Editor
Phone: (514) 823-4096 Fax Number: (514) 313-5465
[email protected]

Monica Paolini
Senza Fili Consulting
Tel: 425-657-4991
Mobile: 425-442-8237
[email protected]

Ms. Bettina Tratz-Ryan
Research Director
Phone: 011-49-1 61-2913877, Fax Number: 732-767-9370
[email protected]