"Aperto's PacketWave system has become a crucial part of our network buildout. It provides us with the quality of service and scalability capabilities that are needed to provide an excellent service. Along with the wireless system's robustness and advanced functionality, Iberbanda can now effectively deliver true broadband speeds and VoIP to our customers. Customer satisfaction levels are very high. Iberbanda plans to launch other applications, like streaming media, over broadband wireless access in the future."

Carlos Morrell

"Aperto's PacketWave has been thoroughly proven as the business carrier's wireless broadband system of choice, and gives us unparalleled reach, speed of deployment, business-grade capacity and Quality of Service (QoS). We chose Aperto Networks because of these capabilities, and because of PacketWave's full WiMAX-class functionality. The company is leading the market in meeting all critical 802.16 carrier-class requirements."

Cees Meeuwis

"We selected Aperto as one of the best-in-class systems for our planned expansion into the ISP space, after very thorough evaluation of all leading technical alternatives. Aperto's PacketWave systems are the best-suited to meet our strict standards for Quality of Service, spectral efficiency and controlled scalability. And equally importantly, this infrastructure will support all of the needed functionality for our business subscriber prospects, including full throughput, low latency, integrated routing and multiservice delivery."

Patricio Zorrilla
General Manager

"We consider Aperto's PacketWave to be the gold standard for 5 GHz and MMDS last-mile access. We selected Aperto for its unique combination of VLAN tagging features, rich network management, SNMP support and great spectral efficiency. Our markets are highly competitive and these capabilities enable us to further enhance our performance lead over other service providers, both wireline and wireless. We are rapidly adding subscribers to our Aperto-powered networks, and every day we see clear proof that PacketWave minimizes interference, dramatically boosts throughput, enables us to accurately and remotely monitor performance, and delivers a very high quality signal."

Todd Graetz
Vice President of Operations

"We have been very well-served by our primary deployment of 5 GHz-based Aperto systems, especially as more and more unlicensed frequency wireless operators have joined the provider community in Dublin. Aperto's narrow channel sizing has kept our networks virtually interference-free in the 5 GHz frequency. This has helped to build our reputation for delivery of high-quality business class service. Now we are in a position to add the 3.5 GHz licensed frequency as an overlay to our existing network, and we look forward to extending our success with Aperto's 3.5 GHz PacketWave systems. This eases our scalability as we already know the systems deployment and management processes. The growth should be transparent to our teams and our customers. Finally, Aperto's leadership in WiMAX is of consequence to us. We're considered leaders in our sector, and want to work with leaders to sustain our success."

Bart Bonsall
Leap Broadband

"We serve a broad diversity of carriers and their commercial customers in CIS markets, including integrated communications and mobile operators, top-tier banks and credit-card processors, federal facilities and utility plants. Aperto's systems have proven their ability to work well in these applications, in harsh external environments such as Siberia and rural as well as urban installations. Such versatility appeals greatly to our carrier base."

Andrew Chesnokov
Dateline Communications

"We are reaping the rewards of having deployed Aperto's systems for maximum reach and robust IP feature-rich performance. It was our goal to be able to serve the most demanding corporate users with higher quality and far faster speed than the incumbent. We also knew that neither 2.4 GHz spectrum nor 802.11 technology would provide carrier-class metropolitan area networks. Aperto's systems deployed flawlessly in just one day, and their minimal tech support requirements and very high availability allow us to set the new standard for data networking in West Africa."

Serge Dergham
founder and chair

"Our success in meeting consumer and portable wireless access demand created an ideal opportunity to take the Maui Sky Fiber model to the next level. We already have at least 5Mbps continuous backhaul traffic from our residential users and hotspots. Since we look to double our subscriber base this year, traffic will continue to grow rapidly. We were ready for the highly scalable wireless backhaul infrastructure Aperto's PacketWave provided between our major nodes."

Chuck Bergson
Maui Sky Fiber

"After rigorous tests with multiple suppliers and platforms, we selected Aperto's powerful PacketWave systems due to their proven superiority in the areas we consider critical to our markets -guaranteed QoS for high-speed business services, highly-reliable performance for backhaul applications, complementary operation with our existing wireless network, and capital efficiency. PacketWave delivered on these challenges and will serve us to fortify the position of leadership that MVS has forged through three decades offering Mexico the best choices in information, culture, commerce and entertainment."

Ernesto Vargas
MVS Television

"Aperto Networks is a leader in the development of WiMAX-class network gear, steering this technology into the mainstream.The company looks to be one of the first to certify for WiMAX compliance, has already signed fixed-wireless broadband deals with 100 carriers in 40 countries around the world, and is poised for success."

Stephen Wellman

"We built our business around software-driven, end-to-end service delivery processes. Aperto's systems and software are very well-suited to our end-to-end focus. The PacketWave platform worked extremely well in pilot and gave us very high confidence in the company's ability to deliver not only to our current technical requirements, but also to our future needs in scalability, WiMAX integration and network intelligence."

Heidi Laughery
CEO and Founder
Sequelle Communications Alliance
Ohio and West Virginia

"We have considerable expertise in wireless networking over unlicensed frequency bands, and received approval in 2003 to operate in the 3.5 GHz licensed band. After testing our current and prospective systems vendors, we chose Aperto for this substantial network expansion and migration of corporate clients to the 3.5 GHz infrastructure. PacketWave's IP feature richness, QoS and advanced capabilities such as adaptive modulation meet our needs extremely well, and the solution economics are very attractive."

Sajjid Pasha
Managing Director

"We're committed to providing an exceptional quality of service, a wide range of broadband applications, and solutions that are scalable and rapidly deliverable. Aperto allows us to extend our best-in-class networking capabilities, while providing subscribers with reliable access and competitive pricing.We are particularly pleased that PacketWave is able to interface seamlessly with our MPLS based backbone.We are the first carrier to implement MPLS in Lebanon and the first in the Middle East to deploy broadband wireless MPLS based services. The use of MPLS and PacketWave will enable us to deliver Class of Service and dynamic routing allowing better service performance and higher availability, contributing to Cedarcom's market leadership in wireless broadband."

Imad M. Tarabay
Chairman and CEO

"We deployed Aperto's PacketWave system because it is clearly the most spectrally-efficient 5.8 GHz platform on the market. The narrow channel width delivers a clean, robust and interference-resilient signal consistently. The system gives us much greater capacity for growth, and performs extremely well in obstructed line-of-sight circumstances. We get the most out of the units and out of our subscriber capacity, because the systems fully deliver on their published range, power, quality and feature specifications."

Anthony S. Adams
CEO and founder

"This pilot in Brittany proves that Aperto Networks' systems have the capabilities including range and robustness required for deployment of broadband access. We give PacketWave high marks for QoS, for spectral efficiency and the richness of its IP functionality, as well. We expect this pilot to prove the benefits and efficiency of next-generation broadband wireless access systems. And because of their leadership in IEEE 802.16 and the WiMAX Forum(tm), we expect to benefit from Aperto's leading-edge influence in the implementation of the standard as it proceeds globally."

Yann Rochefort
Project manager for wireless IP
France Telecom R&D;

"We see critical inflection points occurring already in the broadband wireless market," stated "Burgeoning demand, powerful and deployable technologies, and the declaration of major carrier rollout plans bode well for strong growth. Aperto is well-differentiated to serve this market, with its unique end-to-end network approach and its focus on both voice and data service delivery. In addition, the company supports a protocol-agnostic architecture that works well for legacy network integration. These capabilities may contribute to significant market power and competitive advantage in the company's approach."

Jim Moeller
Vice President
Wireless Communications Analyst
Dain Rauscher Wessels.

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