"We've been highly successful as a top-tier alternative to wireline WAN services for enterprise connectivity. Our value proposition is extremely attractive: equivalent or superior connectivity at half the price of telco T-1, flexible and highly reliable Class of Service options, and service installs within 14 days of order. No one else in our markets can serve enterprise users better, faster, more cost-effectively or flexibly than we can. As a result, we're adding business subscribers as fast as we can. Aperto's capabilities and support fit hand-in-glove with our business model and growth plans."

Philip Urso

"Aperto's systems have the flexibility and functionality we need to fulfill our ambitious deployment programs.Our offerings will include high-speed Internet access and LAN extension,VoIP, distance learning applications, videoconferencing, VPNs and streaming media for a diverse user base. The unique resource-sharing between our schools, production facilities and municipal agencies means we have a wide variety of needs to meet. Aperto's flexibility and performance in meeting those needs is second-to-none."

Jack Chu
Gold Mind Telcom

"ILLUMINAT's business and government client offices are dispersed throughout the country and all require rapid-deployable, flexible and high-quality data connectivity. To deliver Internet access and VPNs to all sites, we needed to move to a second-generation, IP-based wireless network with long reach capabilities, QoS and non-line-of-sight transmission. It was essential that the base stations and subscriber units fully support these functions and have a single-shelf footprint, quick installation and high reliability. In fact, we put up seven base stations and went online with the upgrade in less than ten days - with no hiccups or operational difficulty. We picked the right system, and we're already expanding the initial deployment."

Ian Henderson
Vice President of Communications
Trinidad & Tobago

"We chose Aperto's platform for the confidence it provides us in delivering reliable, high-speed business grade services. Our deployment in each metro market over the past nine months demonstrated the system has met and exceeded our stringent performance criteria. With its long reach capability and carrier-class QoS, PacketWave is indeed the optimal broadband access platform for large-scale deployments throughout Poland. We have standardized on the PacketWave system for our service offerings, and are now confident that we will be able to meet our aggressive business objectives and compete effectively in our marketplace."

Andrzej Gradzi
GTS Poland

"Following a year of testing various options and service development, we selected Aperto as the only true second generation fixed broadband wireless access solution that will allow us to offer business class and multi-tiered services to our customers. Aperto's field-proven solution provides high quality, equivalent to broadband wireline, rapid installation and provisioning of subscriber equipment, cost-effectiveness, and smooth scalability for multiservice access."

Mark Horinko
Conterra Communications

"Access remains the primary bottleneck in broadband networks, and we view Aperto's unique capabilities for scalable multiservice second-generation fixed broadband wireless access as a very promising solution. This collaboration positions us to aggressively drive joint projects to provide a flexible and rapidly deployable solution -- in countries where the infrastructure or access to it is not adequate or non-existent -- as France Telecom continues to extend its presence globally in the growing broadband access market."

Jean-Jacques Damlamian
Group Executive VP
France Telecom

"Aperto's new systems appear to offer the ultimate in flexibility for carriers to configure new wireless networks that integrate with legacy architectures, while migrating them to second-generation, more powerful and cost-effective F-BWA"

Paul Kellett
Senior Director of Research
Pioneer Consulting

"Aperto Networks is applying its innovative broadband access technologies in both licensed and license-free spectrum to ensure widespread fixed wireless deployment by both incumbent and new service providers in North America, Europe and Asia.The company's strategy for worldwide reach and the engagement of global funding partners will enhance Aperto's ability to enter markets that are traditionally challenging for North American vendors."

Sachio Semmoto
Founder and CEO
eAccess, Ltd.

"This is a very promising approach to the challenge of delivering multi-service applications over fixed wireless, in observing the ServiceQ approach. "With a QoS architecture that interoperates with IP DiffServ and MPLS, Aperto will allow service providers to carry multimedia services as well as the ability to tune up and down bandwidth. These are features required by carriers allowing them to define the specific QoS necessary for each service and each subscriber they want to support."

Goli Ameri