France Telecom R&D Deploys Aperto Networks for Broadband Wireless Pilot Program in Brittany

Milpitas, Calif., June 2, 2004 - Aperto Networks, a leading provider of new generation scalable broadband wireless access (BWA) systems, announced today that France Telecom R&D has launched a pilot broadband wireless access network in France, using Aperto Networks' 802.16-class 3.5 GHz licensed frequency PacketWave® systems.

Aperto has collaborated with the worldwide incumbent carrier on lab trials and marketing initiatives since 2001. These successful efforts resulted in the initial pilot program in Brittany, as well as service deployments in other countries served by France Telecom.

The newly-deployed wireless backbone network in Brittany demonstrates that next-generation fixed wireless access systems are an efficient solution for western European countries, where existing wireline solutions need to be complemented or extended by wireless to enable carriers to deliver truly universal broadband service.

"This pilot in Brittany proves that Aperto Networks' systems have the capabilities including range and robustness required for deployment of broadband access," stated Yann Rochefort, project manager for wireless IP at France Telecom R&D. "We give PacketWave high marks for QoS, for spectral efficiency and the richness of its IP functionality, as well. We expect this pilot to prove the benefits and efficiency of next-generation broadband wireless access systems. And because of their leadership in IEEE 802.16 and the WiMAX Forum™, we expect to benefit from Aperto's leading-edge influence in the implementation of the standard as it proceeds globally."

PacketWave is currently used for Wi-Fi backhaul, for high-speed Internet access, and direct broadband access to customers. It will then expand to provide broadband access for schools, local government, small and medium enterprises in this western region of France.

"This new pilot engagement with France Telecom R&D extends our already-strong relationship," stated Aperto Networks' CEO and chairman Reza Ahy. "As the leading carrier in dozens of markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, France Telecom wields tremendous influence and strength in subscriber retention."

About Aperto Networks
Aperto Networks is a leader in 802.16-class multiservice broadband wireless access systems for global markets. The company was founded to provide breakthrough solutions to the bottleneck in last-mile broadband access, and is a founding board member of the WiMAX Forum as well as a founder and lead contributor to IEEE 802.16 and the ETSI-BRAN standards. Its PacketWave® system is a family of base stations, subscriber units, radios and antennas in 2.5, 3.5 and 5 GHz frequencies for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint deployment. PacketWave's scalability and patented technologies support new wireless builds and complement wireline broadband access networks. Aperto is already deployed in 45 countries, meeting service provider needs for installation ease, IP-rich network functionality, cost effectiveness, rapid provisioning and interference resilience. For more information on Aperto Networks, go to