Leap Broadband Expands Commercial Success in Ireland with Aperto Networks
Equipment, Launches 3.5 GHz PacketWave® in Top Five Irish Metro Areas
Carrier wins wireless licenses in Dublin, Limerick, Galway, Cork and Waterford,
covering up to 80% of Irish population

Milpitas, Calif. and Dublin, Ireland. June 1, 2004 - Leap Broadband, a leading provider of business-class broadband wireless access services in Ireland, has begun deploying 3.5 GHz licensed frequency systems from Aperto Networks to complement its extensive network of 5.8 GHz PacketWave point-to-multipoint systems throughout the metropolitan area of greater Dublin.

Since launching to market in mid-2002, Leap Broadband has become a primary network provider to hundreds of business-class users across Ireland's capital, serving enterprises with fractional and full
E-1 symmetrical broadband wireless access as well as value-added applications.

In late 2003, Leap was one of a select group of carriers to be granted 3.5 GHz wireless licenses by the Irish Commission for Communications Regulation. Leap has now announced plans to enter four additional cities, Limerick, Galway, Cork and Waterford, expand its Dublin service offerings in the 3.5 GHz licensed frequency, and add residential service offerings before the end of 2004. This service expansion will increase its reach to nearly 80% of the Irish population.

Having cultivated a strong reputation for high performance access and high reliability networking, Leap was recently selected by the Irish Government (current president of the European Union), as the sole access provider to European Union (EU) Accession Day events (April 22 - May 9). These events honored the induction of ten new members to the economic organization and hosted top government officials of all 25 EU members.

Leap also serves businesses and agencies such as DSS (one of Dublin's largest computer systems and services company), Clearscape (web design firm), the Irish branch of the European Business School, and Midas Productions (leading audio/video film production company). The carrier provides infrastructure to other regional carriers, as well, and is building international partnerships to leverage the future benefits of WiMAX Forum-certified™ systems availability and multi-vendor interoperability.

"We have been very well-served by our primary deployment of 5 GHz-based Aperto systems, especially as more and more unlicensed frequency wireless operators have joined the provider community in Dublin," stated Leap Broadband CEO Bart Bonsall. "Aperto's narrow channel sizing has kept our networks virtually interference-free in the 5 GHz frequency. This has helped to build our reputation for delivery of high-quality business class service. Now we are in a position to add the 3.5 GHz licensed frequency as an overlay to our existing network, and we look forward to extending our success with Aperto's 3.5 GHz PacketWave systems. This eases our scalability as we already know the systems deployment and management processes. The growth should be transparent to our teams and our customers. Finally, Aperto's leadership in WiMAX is of consequence to us. We're considered leaders in our sector, and want to work with leaders to sustain our success."

"Leap Broadband has proven its business and operational model to be a very strong example for successful wireless deployment and growth in Europe," said Reza Ahy, chairman and CEO of Aperto Networks. "The team has leveraged its deep knowledge of the European broadband, telecommunications, digital television, hybrid fiber/cable infrastructures and regulatory environments to produce a lean and efficient formula. It has built a loyal customer base and a well-focused set of market applications. The company is consistently in the right place at the right time, and its entry into the 3.5 GHz licensed space proves that rule par excellence."

About Aperto Networks
Aperto Networks is a leader in 802.16a-class multiservice broadband wireless access systems for global markets. The company was founded to provide breakthrough solutions to the bottleneck in last-mile broadband access, and is a founding board member of the WiMAX Forum as well as a founder and lead contributor to IEEE 802.16a/d and the ETSI-BRAN standards. Its PacketWave® system is a family of base stations, subscriber units, radios and antennas in 2.5, 3.5 and 5 GHz frequencies for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint deployment. PacketWave's scalability and patented technologies support new wireless builds and complement wireline broadband access networks. Aperto is already deployed in 45 countries, meeting service provider needs for installation ease, IP-rich network functionality, cost effectiveness, rapid provisioning and interference resilience. For more information on Aperto Networks, go to

About Leap Broadband
Leap Broadband is Ireland's premiere provider of low cost, high speed broadband Internet access, primarily serving the business community. Leap Broadband maintains an aggressive cost base and passes the benefits on to our customers. High Value Added Services available include Net access, VPN / VLAN services and Broadband Backup using wireless as well as optional DSL. Standard bundled services include Domain, Web and mail/SMTP hosting at no additional charge.

The Leap network has been built to the highest standard, using state of the art network technology. A nimble company compared to its competitors, the Leap customer service is second to none, we know our customers and they know us. Leap provide value for money Internet capacity to companies that need high quality, inexpensive, access to the superhighway at very high speed.

Leap Broadband is a trading name of European Access Providers Limited. For more information on Leap Broadband, go to