Aperto Networks Sponsors License-Free Wireless IP Series
Six-city workshop offers small and large service providers better
customer reach and an increase in revenues

Milpitas, Calif. April 23, 2001 – Aperto Networks, a developer of second-generation fixed broadband wireless access systems, today announced it will be participating in the 2001 License-Free Wireless IP Series. The six-city tour, which begins on May 11th in Arlington, Virginia, addresses wireless network requirements in the license-free spectrum.

The License-Free Wireless IP Series is produced by Shorecliff Communications, the leading media company serving the fixed broadband wireless industry, and publishers of Broadband Wireless Business magazine. “Our 2001 program comes on the heels of the first successful Wireless IP series,” said series director and executive vice president of Shorecliff Communications, Timothy Downs. “Each regional workshop offers technology professionals in the ISP, CLEC, independent telecommunication and enterprise industry segments practical and useful information from real-world wireless deployments. It will include business planning, wireless fundamentals, network design, performing site surveys, installing and testing access points, installing client sites, and supporting the wireless network. We are excited about Aperto’s participation as Signature Sponsor in this year’s License Free Wireless IP Series.”

“We chose to be more deeply involved in our second year in the series reflecting our focus on delivering a fixed broadband wireless architecture for mass-market scale, and we believe this year’s market conditions make license-free spectrum even more attractive for service providers to consider in their mix,” said Alan Menezes, Aperto’s vice president of marketing. “In these workshops, we will address providers’ requirements for a solution that demands dynamic per-subscriber link optimization, QoS for multi-service delivery, and interference mitigation and management for multi-cell deployment. The U-NII (Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure) band can be a very practical solution to the demands of CLECs, IXCs and ILECs either as the primary broadband access solution or a complement to existing wireline offerings.”

The IEEE recently approved the WirelessHUMANä (Wireless High-Speed Unlicensed Metropolitan Area Networks) project, a new initiative within the IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access that will address “the explosive growth of providing data services in the license-exempt spectrum”. Aperto representatives chair the 802.16a Medium Access Control (MAC) Task Group and serve as secretary of the 802.16 Working Group.

Shorecliff’s License-Free tour will visit the cities of Arlington, Virginia on May 11th; Tampa Bay, Florida on May 24th; St. Louis, Missouri on July 9th; Dallas, Texas on August 8th; Seattle, Washington on August 13th; and Irvine, California on September 7th. For additional information on the series as well as specific locations, visit Shorecliff’s website at

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Aperto Networks is a developer of multi-service fixed broadband wireless access systems. The company was founded to provide a breakthrough solution to one of today’s critical network bottlenecks – last-mile broadband access. With practical, scalable systems and patent-pending technology that support new wireless builds and complement existing wireline broadband access technology, Aperto addresses service provider needs for rapid network deployment, multi-service scalability, ease of installation and cost-effectiveness. Aperto will dramatically shorten the lengthy provisioning cycles of broadband services by enabling rapid service provisioning across dense urban to suburban locations. Investors in Aperto include Alliance Ventures, Tyco Ventures, Ridgewood Capital, Satwik Ventures, DMC Stratex Networks, Oki Electric Industry Company, Mitsubishi International Corporation and Redwood Ventures. For more information on Aperto Networks, go to

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