Aperto Networks Proves In-Field Performance
of 5GHz Point-to-Multipoint Fixed Wireless Access Platform

Integrated systems approach supporting cell-based non-line-of-sight installations

Milpitas, Calif. January 17, 2001 – Aperto Networks, a developer of second-generation fixed broadband wireless access systems, has announced its first alpha trial in a northern California carrier network. Aperto’s system has been installed by a wireless Internet service provider, using 5 GHz U-NII frequency spectrum. Testing includes real-world conditions such as variable equipment configurations, line-of-sight (LOS), obstructed line-of-sight (OLOS) and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) locations, light-to-heavily loaded network traffic, symmetrical voice, data and video transmissions, and variable cell radii.

Aperto’s system uses adaptive Time Division Duplexing (TDD), which is well suited for unlicensed band deployment because it provides the flexibility to operate in a single 6 MHz channel anywhere in the spectrum with data rates up to 20 Mbps. The company’s multi-service solution uses RapidBurstÔ, Aperto’s next generation dynamic TDMA protocol, with embedded QoS and prioritization provisions, that enables the upstream and downstream bandwidth allocation to be dynamically adjusted to accommodate changes in traffic patterns. This leads to dramatically improved performance in a heavily loaded system, especially critical when time-dependent applications such as voice and video are served over an IP network.

The alpha test, which commenced in December, also tests IP functions, Network Address Translation (NAT), DHCP, routing, bridging and network management, including Web based graphical user interfaces and SNMP. “We are delivering to our promise of rolling out a fixed broadband wireless architecture for mass-market scale,” said Reza Ahy, Aperto’s president and CEO. “We have developed, and now deployed, a point-to-multipoint topology consistent with operational carrier networks. The start of our alpha trials in Q4 2000, on schedule and on target, marks the beginning of our market entry with a broadband access solution that meets the requirements for second generation systems for leading service providers.”

Alpha testing is targeted for completion by late Q1. Aperto’s end-to-end product architecture will begin extensive beta customer trials in early Q2.

About Aperto Networks
Aperto Networks is a developer of multi-service fixed broadband wireless access systems. The company was founded to provide a breakthrough solution to one of today’s critical network bottlenecks – last-mile broadband access. With practical, scalable systems and patent-pending technology that support new wireless builds and complement existing wireline broadband access technology, Aperto addresses service provider needs for rapid network deployment, multi-service scalability, ease of installation and cost-effectiveness. Aperto will dramatically shorten the lengthy provisioning cycles of broadband services by enabling rapid service provisioning across dense urban to suburban locations. Investors in Aperto include Alliance Ventures, Tyco Ventures, Ridgewood Capital, Satwik Ventures, DMC Stratex Networks, Oki Electric Industry Company, Mitsubishi International Corporation and Redwood Ventures. For more information on Aperto Networks, go to