Iberbanda Deploys Aperto Networks' WiMAX-Class Systems
for Broadband Wireless Access Across Spain

Leading Spanish carrier using 3.5 GHz PacketWave® systems for broadband access nationwide

Milpitas, Calif. and Madrid, Spain. January 10, 2005 - Iberbanda, a foremost transport carrier and Internet services company in Spain, has deployed 3.5 GHz PacketWave systems from Aperto Networks to drive broadband access for municipalities, businesses, government offices and residential customers throughout Spain. In the past year, Aperto has become the fastest growing supplier of broadband wireless equipment to Iberbanda, with over 100 base stations deployed.

"Aperto's PacketWave system has become a crucial part of our network buildout," states Carlos Morrell, CEO of Iberbanda. "It provides us with the quality of service and scalability capabilities that are needed to provide an excellent service. Along with the wireless system's robustness and advanced functionality, Iberbanda can now effectively deliver true broadband speeds and VoIP to our customers. Customer satisfaction levels are very high." Iberbanda plans to launch other applications, like streaming media, over broadband wireless access in the future.

Iberbanda is benefiting from the flexibility and installation ease of Aperto's PacketWave, key factors for the success of the provider's rapid deployment plan as it strives to be one of Europe's first wireless access networks to run on WiMAX. Iberbanda chose Aperto because of PacketWave's excellent product range and QoS, high throughput, and an IP-rich networking feature set that will ensure the network's ability to handle functionally demanding applications well into the future -- in particular, voice traffic, VPNs and VLANs.

"We are pleased to be engaged in strategic developments with Iberbanda for leading edge services. Spain is a strategic market for Aperto and is one of the world's leaders in the rapid adoption of technology," said Reza Ahy, CEO and founder of Aperto Networks. "Iberbanda has built extremely strong operator expertise. We look forward to working as partners with Iberbanda on systems advances and providing the latest in broadband wireless capacity, coverage and cost-effectiveness. Iberbanda will leverage these advantages for even greater market strength for their multi-service offerings."

Iberbanda offers nationwide service in Spain and network access to businesses throughout the heavily populated coastal territory of Spain and the Pyrenees. Aperto's equipment is also used to cover Seville and other provinces in Andalusia, including Almeria and Cordoba, in the south of Spain. Iberbanda is deploying Aperto in densely populated areas like Madrid, in business and industrial areas like Guadalajara, and in the regions of the rapidly growing Mediterranean sector including Lerida and Murcia. In the Pyrenees, Iberbanda is deploying Aperto's solutions to provide connectivity and broadband services to isolated valleys and sophisticated ski resorts alike. Urban, rural, and suburban networks are all based on the same Aperto WiMAX-class platform, which is also used for projects with Andalusian and local and regional Mediterranean communities. Such extensive leveraging of Aperto's WiMAX-class functionality demonstrates its key role in Iberbanda´s success.

About Iberbanda
Iberbanda is an innovative communications provider utilizing wireless local loop technology in a broadband network serving 72 major cities throughout Spain. The company offers managed bandwidth services plus a new generation of telephony, Internet, hosting, data transmission and online IT solutions. Iberbanda's Internet access and data transmission services (RVP, IP, Frame Relay, Dedicated Lines) enable symmetrical, permanent, dedicated and up to 100% guaranteed high-volume data transfer. For more information, please visit

About Aperto Networks
Aperto Networks is a leader in WiMAX-class multiservice broadband wireless access systems for global markets and a Board member of the WiMAX Forum™. The company was founded to provide breakthrough solutions to the bottleneck in last-mile broadband access, and is a founding board member of the WiMAX Forum as well as a founder and lead contributor to IEEE 802.16a/d and the ETSI-BRAN standards. Its PacketWave® system is a family of base stations, subscriber units, radios and antennas in 2.5, 3.5 and 5 GHz frequencies for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint deployment. PacketWave's scalability and patented technologies support new wireless builds and complement wireline broadband access networks. Aperto is already deployed in 50 countries, meeting service provider needs for installation ease, IP-rich network functionality, cost effectiveness, rapid provisioning and interference resilience. For more information on Aperto Networks, go to