New Product Introduction Project Coordinator or Manager
Location: Milpitas, California, USA
Dept/Division: Operations

Job Description
NPI Project Coordinator will play a key role in the successful launch of new products by a combination of hands-on work and project management. Operations NPI Coordinator will be responsible for all operations tasks required to support product development from concept through production pilot, product release and ramp to volume production. NPI Coordinator will be responsible for project management as well as personally performing many production and material management functions.

Attend Engineering Core Team meetings as operations representative.
Maintain all critical information for each project.
Develop and maintain DFx Guidelines with input from CM and other departments.
Collect DFx feedback; prepare DFx report for each revision of each product.
Prepare and maintain product BOM until release to production.
Analyze engineering parts lists and BOM's; develop critical component list and issue requisitions for the purchase of long lead-time components.
Plan transition from purchased and consigned material to full turnkey by CM.
Maintain product cost estimate for each project.
Prepare and maintain forecasts for prototype, pilot and initial production.
Participate in supplier selection process.
Prepare RFQ for each prototype and pilot build and prepare requisitions.
Identify all fixtures, tools, equipment, process capability and capacity required.
Maintain and report on prototype and pilot production quality, yield and delivery data. Plan, schedule and coordinate reliability testing including MTBF, HALT and environmental testing.
Insure that production tests including: ICT, 5DX, Functional are ready for production pilot build.

Required Skills/Experience
Requires project management skills and experience in new product introduction process. Requires a working knowledge of all operations functions including materials planning and purchasing, production scheduling, manufacturing engineering and quality. Requires knowledge manufacturing outsourcing to contract manufacturers. Prefer experience as a project manager, manufacturing engineer, test engineer or hardware development engineer.

Contact: [email protected]