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Senior ASIC Architect
Location: Milpitas, California, USA
Dept/Division: ASIC Engineering

Job Description
In this position, you will join a team that designs highly integrated ASIC/ SOC based products for leading edge Broadband Network Access products using breakthrough wireless communication technologies. You will specify, design and verify chip level architectures for optimum ASIC functionality, performance, cost and configurability

Required Skills/Experience
• MSEE + 7 years, or PhD + 3 years of experience in ASIC design and digital communication system.
• Experience designing highly integrated ASICs with embedded RISC/ DSP building blocks for broadband communications or wireless products.
• Familiarity with various MAC protocols (e.g. DOCSIS, 802.11) and VLSI implementation of digital filtering, coding, equalization, modulation techniques such as QPSK, CDMA and OFDM.
• Hands-on performance modeling and SW/HW co-design/verification skills.
• Ability to identify, qualify, integrate 3rd party IP into ASICs.
• Good listening skills and the ability to resolve various and highly complex technical challenges in a timely manner are a must.
• Excellent communication and leadership skills

Contact: [email protected]