Senior Embedded/Diagnostics Engineer
Location: Bangalore, India
Dept/Division: Software Engineering
Job Details
Seeking a Embedded/Diagnostic Engineer to work on the WiMax based products.
Should have Bachelor/ Masterís degree in Electronics/ Electrical/CS engineering with 3-6 years of experience.
Work on drivers and embedded software in RTOS. Work with Hardware and Manufacturing teams to design and implement a comprehensive set of diagnostics for a high-speed network wireless products. Responsibilities include defining a strategy for POST, and Mfg Diags, documentation, and implementation of diagnostics, device drivers, BSP, etc. Additional responsibilities include working on the chassis or shelf manager.

  • Analysis/debug to isolate problem to HW or BIOS or OS Software
  • Intermediate to advanced C and shell programming.
  • Experience with BIOS, booting, and OS Kernel vs. system hardware (Chipsets, drivers).
  • Diagnostic stress tests for different hardware platform systems.
  • Develop test suites to stress the hardware system in all component permutations such as BIST and POST. Must be able to leverage supplier diagnostics and incorporate into system level tests. Comprehensive diagnostics should be able to identify any system component failure.
  • Develop test plans, strategy for all I/O tests, and screen for performance issues.
  • Understand manufacturing system test processes and requirements.
  • Experience with multi-core processor designs, memory types operations, I/O networking interfaces, and electromechanical behaviors.
  • Diagnostics tests must be applicable for environmental and reliability testing.
  • Provide diagnostics and production code drops to the OEM/ODM manufacturing team; Individual will also train the OEM/ODM manufacturing team to use the diagnostic tools to ensure of system defects.
  • Experience developing diagnostics for Network Processors, Gigabit Ethernet MAC, Phy, PCI/PCI-Express & various memory interfaces
  • Experience developing diagnostics for use in manufacturing and component failure analysis
  • Self Motivated and willing to work in multiple areas
  • Experience with ATCA and familiarity with Shelf Managers/IPMC is a plus.
  • Experience with Device drivers of networking devices, operating systems, high availability is a plus.
  • Experience with wireless/wimax products is a Plus
  • Experience with Intel IXP2400, PPC processor architecture and BIOS is a plus
  • Worked with software test team to develop the test automation software requirements is a Plus
Contact: [email protected]