Software Release Engineer
Location: Milpitas, California, USA
Dept/Division: System Test Engineering

Job Description
• Administer and manage software configuration, versioning and release process. Implement and deliver software builds to engineering and test teams. Document and track all test and production releases.
• Maintain and enforce source control policies, and establish standard release procedures.
• Automate and compile scripts for software release procedures.
• Conduct integration tests on all modules, including UI/GUI, CLI, and firmware, prior to release.
• Develop test plans and generate test cases for integration and pre-release testing.
• Communicate with and provide support to other disciplines involved in the project, including Marketing, Engineering, and Manufacturing.

Required Skills/Experience
• Min. 3 years experience in software build and release management.
• Self-motivation and ability to work effectively in a team environment.
• Solid knowledge in software configuration and versioning methodologies, practices and strategies. Experience in release automation desirable.
• Working knowledge in at least one the following areas of technology: networking, telecommunication, network management, and wireless LAN/WAN communications.
• Strong communication skills required.

Desired/Preferred Skills
• Knowledge in CVS preferred.
• Working knowledge in UNIX operating environment. |
• Ability to writing UNIX shell (Bourne, BASH, Korn or C) scripts.
• Familiarity with test methodologies and strategies.
• BCS or equivalent preferred.

Contact: [email protected]