Senior Systems Architect
Location: Milpitas, California, USA
Dept/Division: Technology

Job Description
Responsibilities include the following:
Architectural design and analysis of networking protocols to be used in our Access System, especially at the MAC and Link layers. Will take the lead in investigating new technologies and transition them to the point at which they can be included and integrated within the product.

Required Skills/Experience
• Architectural knowledge of the TCP/IP protocol suite, including TCP, IP, DHCP, IGMP, Integrated and Differentiated services, RSVP, Routing, VolP etc.
• Knowledge of ATM networking in general and ATM traffic management in particular.
• Knowledge of Multiple Access protocols such as Slotted Aloha .
• Familiarity with broadband access architectures of the type used in cable modem systems.
• Familiarity with Physical layer technologies such as QAM and OFDM modulation.
Performance modeling of networking protocols, preferably using the OPNET modeling tool.
• Should be able to model proposed protocol architectures in OPNET and then transition the design over to Engineering for implementation.
• Participation in various Standard Bodies and Industry Consortiums .
• 5+ years experience.

Contact: [email protected]