RF Manufacturing Engineer
Location: Milpitas, California, USA
Dept/Division: Operations

Job Description
Manufacturing engineer responsible for developing, implementing and sustaining manufacturing processes for high volume wireless broadband transceiver products in the sub-10 GHz range. Candidate will provide DFM, DFT and cost reduction input to design team, participate in New Product Introduction process and lead the effort to move the product through pilot, FCS and the ramp to volume production. Will establish efficient and effective assembly, test, troubleshooting and repair processes at contract manufacturer and supplier sites. Will work extensively with contract manufacturers and suppliers to implement SQM, SPC, ICT and RF functional testing necessary to increase yields, reduce costs and ensure quality and reliable products.

Required Skills/Experience
The Ideal candidate well have a BSEE and 5+ years of experience manufacturing RF products using SMT processes as well as knowledge of reliability testing and regulatory requirements. Knowledge of ISO standards, project management skills, high volume manufacturing experience, and experience working with contract manufacturers is preferred.

Contact: [email protected]