Position: EMS Architect
(1 opening) Location: Milpitas, California, USA Dept/Division: Network Management

Job Description
1) Definition of EMS/NMS management features for embedded networking devices
2) Architecture design and specification of EMS/NMS Server
3) Provide product direction and technology selection guidance to EMS team members

Required Skills/Experience
1) 5+ years of EMS/NMS development experience for telecommunication products
2) Familiar with TMN based telecommunication access product device management features
such as SLA, Qos Management, Service Management, etc.
3) Experience with EMS/NMS product feature definition, software architecture design,
API definition, and code implementation
4) JAVA programming experience and associated development tool familiarity required
5) Familiar with Java Applets and Servlets development
6) Experience with some of the protocols/technologies such as SNMP, HTML, JDBC, CORBA,
7) Familiar with various commercially available third-party vendor products

Contact: [email protected]