Director of U.S. Telco Sales
Location: Anywhere in the United States
Dept/Division: Sales

Job Description
Responsible for developing sales of our line of point-to-multipoint fixed broadband wireless access products to service providers throughout the US. Will focus on existing and emerging wireless carriers, CLECs with wireless access initiatives, and MMDS frequency holders. Will be able to start sales activities of systems networking products to U.S. carriers.

Required Skills/Experience
The ideal candidate will have 7+ years systems sales experience of telecomm and/or networking equipment, selling to carriers and/or CLECs, preferably with knowledge of RF systems and/or IP networking. Must have experience in negotiating and closing multi-million dollar contracts. Must be a great listener and have excellent communications and presentation skills. Proven ability in formulating sales strategies, starting sales, build relationships at all levels of an organization, and hire/lead a sales team is a strong plus. A technical and/or business degree is also a plus.

Contact: [email protected]