Director of Operations
Location: Milpitas, California, USA
Dept/Division: Operations

Job Description
Oversee and manage all aspects of the operations/manufacturing of the company This includes production, program schedules, engineering support, supplier base, prototype and manufacturing ramp-up, material procurement, and new product process. Will interact with engineering and vendors for product definition, design, manufacturing, cost reduction strategies and quality improvements. Develop and implement product release process for Alpha, Beta and FCS. Will be responsible for CM relationship, overseas production, contract negotiation, production QA and test analysis and test programs. Responsible for building of all product components for base station, customer premise equipment, radio and antenna.

Required Skills/Experience
Must have operations/manufacturing engineering management with 10+ years of hands on experience in manufacturing, production, quality control, documentation, design, building an effective operations and manufacturing engineering department. New product introduction, including release process from engineering into production is required. Must be a team oriented individual with excellent communication skills. Telecommunication, RF and Wireless industry experience is highly desirable.

Contact: [email protected]