Senior Architect
Location: Milpitas, California, USA
Dept/Division: Digital Hardware Engineering

Job Description
In this position, you will join a team that designs boards and ASIC components for leading edge Broadband Network Access products using new wireless communication technologies. You will work closely with the platform, ASIC and product engineering groups and be responsible for the architecture of the Board as well as the ASIC designs that are being done in-house.
You will be responsible for ASIC and system level verification. You will design and implement simulation environment for all the in-house ASIC products. You will also:
• Participate in the design of the ASIC and board level products for Broadband Network Access using RF and 802.11 specs.
• Be responsible for the micro-architecture specification of the in-house ASIC designs.
• Participate in experimental environment development for the purposes of supporting architecture and micro-architecture analysis and decision making.
• Perform extensive network technology collaboration with the marketing and the product teams for future products.
• Develop tools and analyze applications/benchmarks to support product development, especially on the ASIC front.

Required Skills/Experience
This position requires a MS/Ph.D. with at least 8+ years of experience in the related field. You must also possess the following:
• Understanding of academic and research issues related to ASIC and bandwidth in the networking field
• Excellent background in ASIC development in the network industry
• Strong understanding of architecture and micro-architectural issues relating to Broadband network product design
• Ability to maintain good contacts with related academic projects
• Excellent communication and presentation skills
This is a product development/advanced development position, not a pure research position.

Contact: [email protected]